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Change Log

Lastest version:

Version 1.0.1

  1. Solved the 1.0.0 version's problem about the imposibility of emoticonvert with another image tags & links in the same post.
  2. Solved the problem about open urls from "About" window.

New video! click here to see it.

Version 1.0.0
  1. Emoticons' sidebar.
  2. EmotiConvert through keys change to Ctrl + Alt + E.
  3. Added toolbar and statusbar buttons.

  1. Better performance.
  2. Updated the support forum url.
  1. Solved a language file (es-AR > about) error.
  1. When you click on about window links, that page appear in a new tab. I had forgotten to add a "script" tag to about.xul file.
  1. Solved the problem with the first time you use EC.
  1. Fixed potential problems with other extensions.
  2. Added support to Seamonkey2.
  1. Added the "Rigth click > Add emoticon to EC" option to any image in firefox
  1. Added a secure module to avoid duplicate/similar shortcuts
  1. When you add an emoticon with link textbox in default state("Insert image's URL") the EC alerts you. Import window shows the first emoticon in preview.
Version 0.9.9
  1. First EmotiConverter version on Mozilla Addons.

Older versions

Version 0.8.0
  1. Eradicated the annoying bug "tHE buG".
Version 0.7.0
  1. Repaired the pipe Bug.
  2. Added button tooltiptexts.
  3. Modified the exit confirmation window.
  4. Repaired completely the delete by block function.
  5. Added the save image to disk function (poor quality? =/).
  6. EmotiConverter icon added.
  7. Repaired the noImage bug with variable size.
  8. Changed the type preview window from dialog to window.
  9. Added the modify function.
  10. Autopreview.
  11. Added keystrokes.
  12. EmotiConvert through keys (Ctrl + Alt + A).

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